Loom + Numeric

Loomeric is a portmanteau word that combines the symbol of the loom with the world of numbers in itself. Inventiveness and creative power ensnare the interaction of numbers and algorithms. 2015 Loomeric was founded as a software start-up to develop cooperative business apps. The high quality claims of our team are a central theme in all of our various software solutions.

We place special emphasis on two aspects:

Philosophy – Our Values


We don't copy - but open up new paths. Creativity and visionary thinking is the power, that drives us.

Highest aims

In our experience, almost anything is possible and achievable, since most limits we set ourselves. Keep in mind, that people stumble over molehills – not over mountains.


Foresight secures success and constancy in a fast moving world. At the same time it challenges us in many aspects even more, than any other value does.